Should I fly a long route with a discounted airline

Discounted airline

Low-cost airlines or those who offer discounted flights have been slowly gaining popularity in the world market. However, is this something that you should consider when you are planning to fly a long route?

Here are some factors to consider:

In-flight features

One of the main reasons why discounted airlines are much more affordable than other commercial airlines is that they don’t offer the same amenities. You may have to forgot being able to watch a movie since the airline that you choose may not offer televisions. Or, you may not have as comfortable a blanket that you could get in more expensive airlines. However, these cost cuts in features are one of the reasons why these airlines can offer you such affordable tickets. The probability to require a flight delay compensation under these circumstances are also high.

Free meals and drinks

If you are looking into getting a long flight, then having a drink and something to eat may be something that you should consider. However, when it comes to discounted airlines, you may have to pay extra for these things. This is one of the reasons why your tickets are so cheap. They don’t include any other luxury than the fact that you will be able to get to your destination on a more affordable means


When it comes to discounted airlines, you may encounter baggage issues. For one thing, the overhead cabins of their planes are usually smaller than other commercial aircrafts. Another thing is that they have pretty strict restrictions when it comes to your baggage weight limit. If you plan on bringing more than what is allowed for your ticket, then you should be prepared to pay an added charge.

Time and destinations

The great thing about discounted airlines are that they offer a lot of new destinations that you can choose from. These are some places that not all the major commercial airlines offer on a regular basis. They also have promotions that offer even more discounts on ticket prices.

The only thing about this is that there are limits on the flight schedules. Most of the budget airlines do not offer flights to the same destination more than twice a day.


There is no reason to believe that just because the airline is discounted means that the quality and safety of the planes are not as good as with major commercial airlines. They are all checked out by aviation authorities and have to go through the same safety check before being able to get into the air. Another thing is that most discounted airlines have newer planes, so there won’t be an issue where safety of the passengers are involved.


No matter what airling you go to, you may still encounter cancellations or delays. If so, you may be entitled to compensation that can be anywhere from EUR 250 to EUR 600. Check out how you can get your money at!